Monitoring Module



Herrmann & Lenz Monitoring Module is an innovative monitoring solution allowing for a comprehensive view on your entire IT landscape. State-of-the-art technologies are employed in a cost and time efficient way. All the information is available anytime and anywhere via the web-based interface, in the browser on your PC as well as with mobile devices.

All your components, applications and processes are monitored automatically. All functions and settings can be controlled with just a few clicks, thus making the setup of your monitoring a matter of hours instead of days, weeks or even months.

If an error or problem is detected, you are notified directly per e-mail or sms. The connection to your own interfaces, e.g. a support ticket system, can be facilitated without a problem.

All performance data, metrics and events will be stored and archived centrally and are available, upon request, for several years. HL Monitoring Module offers a wide range of analysis possibilities, thus providing you with a decisive means to base your business decisions or investments on.

The integrated monitoring of all components within an IT infrastructure, focusing on the essentials without getting caught up in details, belongs to the outstanding strengths of HL Monitoring Module.

Facts at a Glance:
  • Central view at the entire IT infrastructure
    • Network
    • Server / virtual machines
    • Databases
    • Applications
    • Processes
  • Special components for the monitoring of
    • Oracle Databases (XE, Standard and Enterprise Edition)
    • SQL Server Databases
    • VMware environments
    • DataCore environments
  • Automated surveillance and e-mail / sms notification
  • Central storage of all events, metrics and performance data
  • Fast and efficient problem analysis, troubleshooting and error correction
  • Downtime prevention through early problem detection
  • Reduction of employee workload as well as time and cost reduction through automation
  • Long-term archiving of all data and metrics
  • Expandable with custom check routines
  • Easy installation, configuration and administration
  • Web-based dashboard
  • Available anywhere, anytime
  • Multi-tenant capability

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The simplified, clearly structured dashboard shows only the most significant information at first glance but allows you to retrieve more detailled information through „drill-down“.


Get all the required information in a very short time. Focus on the essentials with various filter and sort options. Blackout statistics help you to verify the availiability of servers or componens. Various export functionalities to Excel, PDF or text files gives you the freedom to use the data also with other tools.


There is a nearly endless amount of online evaluable performance data and metrics. Long-term historisation of all information enables you to analyze and correlate data in any combination whatsoever. The storage and analysis of data is completely integrated in this tool, thus making the installation of further software for archiving or evaluation completely unnecessary.


Administration is completely integrated within the web-GUI. New servers or databases can be added with just a few clicks. This way, the setup and administration become child’s play and don’t require any deep knowledge about administration or configuration of the monitoring system. In addition, the multi-tenant capability oft he Monitoring Module supports the transparency and simplifies the administration even of very large environments.

For all Oracle Editions

The integrated Oracle Database module includes all elements and editions of the Oracle Database (XE, SE, EE), thus making further additional and cost-intensive tools unnecessary. You don’t requre any Oracle database management packs to allow an adequate monitoring with the Monitoring Module.

In-depth details

The Oracle Database module doesn’t only store and archive performance data and metrics but also configuration settings and process-relevant information such as system parameters, RMAN backups, job queue processes or top queries. Even the alert.log is stored and analyzed within the Monitoring Module. The complete historization allows for all imaginable analyses and enquiries and thus supports you in finding the right solution.


Cross-layer evaluations within an Oracle Database are crucial for a sound analysis and trend spotting. The ability to avoid problems and bottlenecks at an early stage makes your database operation more stable and secure. The examination and analysis of metrics in correlation with the information about the servers or virtual machines are invaluable assets.

Microsoft SQL Server

The SQL Server module has been implemented based on the same principles and methology as the Oracle Database module. It is completely integrated and offers the same possibilities of analysis and evaluation. Of course, specific metrics of the SQL Server have been considered.

VMware Module

The VMware module registers the complete VMware environment and collects data and information from all levels. You can navigate through the structure of your VMware environment with just a few clicks and look at every VMware component from different angles. The storage of all performance data and metrics has been highly optimized, thus allowing the monitoring even of very large installations.

Early Detection

Bottlenecks and problems are often hard to pinpoint in virtual environments. Monitoring Module is a tool which does not leave out or withold any information. The ability to analyze and compare performance data across all layers is ideal for a fast and systematical problem detection and elimination.


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